American Horror Stories Review: Fun, Dark Anthology

“Ancient black magic made me into its spell…”
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american horror story It returns next week with its tenth season. double advantage—Good news for fans who are eager for his comeback, especially since it seems to be a succulent season (all cold Sarah Paulson!). But you don’t have to really be a fan or more than familiar with the series to enjoy it american horror stories, the episodic anthology series from AHS Co-authors Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk wrap up the first of seven episodes tonight.

I won’t lie – I was delaying watching american horror stories, regardless of the fact that I’m a fan From American horror story. There’s just…so much TV that has to be broadcast these days that I kind of forgot about it, and I guess I’m not the only one who feels that way sometimes. But it’s worth making time for this fun, violent, and often hilarious series that gives you all the raucous fun. american horror story—but broken up into smaller pieces that probably can’t handle an entire season of TV, but it’s perfect for a story that only takes about 45 minutes to make its point.

The biggest exception to this is the first pair of rings – since they are made of two parts, “rubber (wo) man part one” and “rubber (wo) part two”. They are also the most connected to them american horror story, since it’s based on the popular Murder House series and feature, as the title might suggest, the famous rubber man on the original show. But even with these connections, the script is careful to give enough background on the house’s horrific past that even casual viewers will understand the very bad feelings emanating from it.

By all means, launch the Ouija board.
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Of course, that doesn’t deter the pair Michael (Matt Bomer, one of several american horror story Regulars to pop up in american horror stories cast) and Troy (Gavin Creel) from buying the place with the intent of fixing it up and opening a “haunted bed and breakfast” that would take advantage of his shady reputation, leading to the impatience of their teenage daughter, Scarlett (the breadth of the nightSierra McCormick), who named the place “amityville horror on crystal meth.” The family soon learns that the Murder House won’t be so easily tamed, and Scarlett—who already had a growing interest in S&M— soon finds herself entangled intimately with the legend of this house.

Featuring curiosities from the second generation of impressive actors (Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, plays one of Scarlett’s fellow mean girls; Kaia Gerber, who is a dead ringer for her mother, Cindy Crawford, also plays a lead role), these episodes are a raw take. Impressive about teen bullying, some amazing death scenes, and also – really AHS Fashion – the latest cultural and popular references, not to mention plenty of surreal humor. Scarlett and Companions’ arcs needed two episodes (and maybe more; according to Murphy, tonight’s finale) He will return to the murder house). But the rest american horror stories They were all (apparently) self-contained, and none explicitly indicated what was comprehensive american horror story knowledge.

The four begin with fairly basic plots that horror fans will generally recognize – Cursed Movie (“Drive In”), a woman who fears dark forces stalking her child (“BA’AL”), the deadly side of social media (“The Naughty List”), and the dangers of the deep forest (“brutal”) – but that knowledge ends up being placed in the realms of Feel Like ours, but instead full of awful twists and turns. They’re also very well represented, especially Billie Lourd as a new mom on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and Danny Trejo as the latest horror incarnation of Evil Santa Claus.

He sees you when you sleep. He knows when you’re awake.
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Some of these entries are more effective than others – “Drive In” owes a lot to John Carpenter horror masters The episode “Cigarette Burns” can’t be a coincidence that Lady Carpenter is a repeat Adrian Barbo He has a role in it. But they are all energetic and fun, telling separate stories that go along with that american horror storyAn in-your-face approach to sex and blood. It is worth noting that this is not the case Twilight Zone or even Excellent chills crepeshaw (Talking about Barbo), which tends to build its stories around characters who need to teach a lesson or impart some kind of punishment. “List of troublemakers” Do took an especially harsh approach to punishing the hateful social media stars who spread her story, and american horror stories He absolutely loves dropping surprises in the last moments of his episodes. But this show is not guided by a moral compass with a normative theme; very much like american horror storyAnd american horror stories It is mostly just designed to shock you. joyfully. And it succeeds most of the time.

‘Game Over’, Season Finale american horror stories, today is streaming on FX on Hulu. (last week, Murphy tweeted It was renewed for a second season.) american horror story: double advantage It will premiere August 25 on FX, and episodes will begin on Hulu the following day.

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