Google game plans include Android apps on Windows and Mac

Google game plans include Android apps on Windows and Mac

Picture of the Stadia controller

The collection of games across platforms is unified by a global game console, just as it is in Stadia.
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Last week, the seal of the bag of secrets began to open in Epic Games’ lawsuit against Google. we I learned That Google once admitted that sideloading was a less than desirable experience for some users and that it considers Epic Games a threat worth squashing. andDetection of mineral ore comes through the pipeline as documents and additional emails become a “need-to-know” for the court.

new results includes A presentation on a secret idea that Google has for a game group called “Games Future”. Details look similar to stadia It is already trying to use Chrome and Android, but it will bring games natively to the Apple and Microsoft ecosystems as well.

mentioned for the first time before the edgeGames Future was initially introduced internally with the idea that Google would act as a hub as a gaming company of sorts. The “Future of Games” includes a five-year plan to create the “world’s largest gaming platform” where developers can have one place to target both PC and Mac gamers and even smart displays. Of course, the search giant positions the future of gaming as dependent on Google’s wealth of cloud-based services. The idea is that you can access it all through a universal game console that can be accessed through any device or TV. looks familiar?

Screenshot of the respective PDF

How “cross-platform” games look internally at Google.
picture: epic against google

There is also evidence that Google was considering bringing “emulated, local, and streaming games” to Windows. This means emulating Android apps on the device, which is now only possible through third-party apps like BlueStacks. this is Exact feature It comes to Windows 11 in the fall, although it’s instead facilitated by the Amazon App Store. Google could have beaten Amazon to the fullest.

The full 70-page document is included below for your perusal. There are a lot of exciting stuff that hasn’t been redacted, including gems about Google’s plans for a satellite esports tournament system with YouTube hooks. There’s also a bit of a thrill of what games might look like on a smart screen. Google has clearly been embracing plans to figure out how to index the global game library, as well as everything else.

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