OnlyFans Bans “Explicit Sexual Content” on October 1

OnlyFans is kicking millions of young entrepreneurs out to the limit by setting new limits on the types of content that will be allowed on its platform. And they are the content that made you know what OnlyFans is in the first place.

OnlyFans said Thursday that she will be giving up porn, the rock on which she built her home, and the burning that lit her stove. The news was first reported by Bloomberg. In a statement emailed to Gizmodo, OnlyFans said the company will ban “explicit sexual content” from October 1. Permissible. (The Policies Public nudity is currently prohibited from sites that don’t allow it, but we’re expecting an update.)

“In order to ensure the platform’s long-term sustainability, and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must develop our own content guidelines,” OnlyFans said.

This just comes from recently Axios Report OnlyFans, which has a net income of $375 million, has struggled to find investors willing to support a porn platform. On the other hand, the current creators have raised a lot of money on the site; According to Axios, OnlyFans has paid out $3.2 billion to creators since its founding. They’ve also made its founder, Tim Stokely, amazingly rich. As of April, OnlyFans It arrived More than 120 million users.

The looming verdict for credit card companies may also be a bad thing for OnlyFans. The platform has repeatedly stated, and again in today’s announcement, that content is moderated by both automated systems and human review, and we mentioned that creators must provide a thorough ID check in order to post. But credit card companies haven’t been porn-friendly lately authorized Supervision and verification requirements for hosts.

OnlyFans did not say what would happen to sexually explicit content posted before October 1, or the creators’ accounts. “We will share more details in the coming days and actively support and guide our content creators through this change to our Content Guidelines,” she said. Loyalty is dead. OnlyFans is dead. live sex work twitter, hope.

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