9 Christmas Horror Movies Made Since 2015

Directed by Veronica Franz and Severin Viala (good night mom)co-written with Sergio Cassie, unleashes a torrent of psychological torture in this devastating tale. It’s the story of a cult survivor named Grace (way of angerRiley Keough, who is eager to spend Christmas with her fiancé (Richard Armitage) and his children (He. SheJayden Martell, eternityLia McHugh), though it does involve vacationing in an isolated shack in the middle of a snowstorm. There is also the fact that the children blame her for their mother’s death, as she committed suicide after their father said he was going to marry again. An atmosphere of doom hangs over him the dummy As Grace, left alone with the scheming children, begins to succumb to cabin fever as memories of her past begin to clearly haunt her. Gorgeous made and dreary as hell. (streaming on Hulu)

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