Africa Week in Pictures: 19-25 November 2021

A selection of the best images from the African continent and beyond.

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Baturranking, dressed in green, performs with seven other dancers.  They are all dressed so bright and lively - Lagos, Nigeria Sunday 21 November 2021

Nigerian artist Baturranking performed on Sunday at the All Africa Music Awards in Lagos…

Nikita Kering wears a pink outfit, takes a photo and kisses an award.  She holds another award in her other hand - Lagos, Nigeria Sunday 21 November 2021

Kenyan singer Nikita Kering won two awards.

A man in sunglasses watches a little boy on his shoulders.  In front of him are two women wearing sunglasses.  Someone in traditional clothes - Dakar, Senegal, Saturday 20 November 2021

In Senegal, people gather outside the US Embassy on Saturday to watch the US Secretary of State speak.

Big-pound women shell out traditional food.  A woman raises the pestle high in the air with a tired expression on her face in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Friday, November 19, 2021

On Friday, women prepare traditional food for soldiers in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

A golden cross on a red cloth in a museum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Saturday 20 November 2021

Historic artifacts are on display at the National Museum in Addis Ababa the next day.

A monk on his knees in a white robe with a censer in his hands in Morocco - Tuesday 23 November 2021

In central Morocco a monk prays on Tuesday at the funeral of a fellow clergyman …

A monk in a cave-like room, completely dark, gazing at a large icon of Jesus Christ on the cross in Morocco - Tuesday 23 November 2021

Another monk stares at the icon of Christ on the cross.

People walk between two large statues at night in Luxor, Egypt - Wednesday 24 November 2021

People walk at the archaeological site of Luxor Temple in Egypt on Wednesday before the opening of the Sphinx Street.

Blue hooded farmer halfway up a palm tree.  It is surrounded by green palm trees.  Dates hanging on trees in white bags in Tozeur, Tunisia - Wednesday 24 November 2021

On the same day in the Tunisian state of Tozeur, a farmer climbs a tree to pick dates…

A farmer separates dates with a bunch of dates in one hand and what looks like a tool in the other.  It is surrounded by many dates.  Some of them are in a yellow box in Tozeur, Tunisia - Wednesday 24 November 2021

They are also separated by another farmer on the land.

A farmer holds raw coconuts in their hands in Akumadoma, Cameroon - Monday, November 22, 2021.

Further south, on Monday, farmers in Cameroon harvest cocoa – the beans of which are used to make chocolate.

Woman holding a sign that says

The day before, a protester in Cape Town made an emotional plea to save South Africa’s Wild Coast where sound-sensitive marine life is feared to be affected by a seismic survey being conducted for oil and gas deposits.

A protester raises the Sudanese flag over a dark blue sky in Khartoum, Sunday, November 21, 2021

On the same day in Sudan, a protester raises the national flag at a demonstration calling for full civilian rule in Khartoum after last month’s coup…

A smiling man makes a victory sign.  Carrying a boy on his shoulders carrying the flag of Sudan.

Protesters smile on Thursday as they take to the streets once again for the same cause.

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