Amazon may consider making a big impact TV series

BioWare’s original Mass Effect trilogy has been hailed as one of the best video game storylines. Much loved the story and the characters of the game, but how does that translate into a real movie or TV show? The good news is that we may be able to find out in the future.

That’s because according to a report from Deadline, they’re reporting that Amazon is apparently looking into making a TV series based on the Mass Effect franchise, and they’re said to be close to striking a deal to make it happen.

According to Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salk, “You’ll see us continue to invest in fantasy genres of all kinds, we have a genre-focused team on the ground in the studios who work tirelessly with our creative partners on those panels, and you can look forward to more.” While Amazon was a bit late in the streaming game, the company made up for lost time.

They have since put together a variety of critically acclaimed shows, such as The Boys, and recently the company has also launched a new TV series based on Robert Jordan’s book series The Wheel of Time, which is said to cost $10 million per episode. They are also working on The Lord of the Rings series, which is expected to premiere in September 2022.

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