Discord runs on the Native M1 app for macOS

Before Apple moved to its own Apple Silicon chips, there was already some discrepancy between the number of apps available for macOS and Windows. This is because not all developers wanted to create an app for macOS or would be upset with it, especially since there are more Windows users in the world.

Now with the Apple Silicon chipset, it’s making it more complicated as developers now need to think about the ARM architecture for the Apple Silicon chips, but the good news is that it seems we’re getting there slowly. If you are a Discord user, you may be pleased to know that the company is working on a beta version of the app designed to run natively on M1 Mac computers.

As it stands, Discord can be used on M1 Macs but has been translated using Apple’s Rosetta 2 tool. While the app works well, having a native app is obviously better. This is because it will be built with hardware in mind, which means that it not only has the potential to perform better, but can also be more energy efficient and take advantage of the M1 chipset.

There’s no word on when the final version will be available to the public, so unless you’re willing to try the beta version, you’ll just have to be patient and wait like the rest of us.

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