‘Dune’ returns to IMAX on December 3

Dune It quit HBO Max a month after it was released on the streaming service, but you may soon have the chance to watch it on a much bigger screen. Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert returns to IMAX theaters December 3rd for a limited time only. as final date Note, most IMAX sites will display the movie in a 1.90:1 aspect ratio, which adds up to 26 percent of the image. Selected sites will display it in an aspect ratio of 1.43, which adds up to 40 percent of the image for the movie.

Villeneuve and his crew were photographed Dune With IMAX cameras, capture scenery and backgrounds with huge screens in mind. As we said in our review of the movie, this quote is from Dune It requires being seen on something bigger than a television set if you really want to be able to appreciate Villeneuve’s visual world-building.

If you really prefer not to go to the cinemas, you will get more opportunities to broadcast the movie in the future. Dune hit HBO Max on October 21, the same day it was released in theaters. It was only available to stream on the service for a month, according to Warner Bros.’ current release strategy. It will be released on other digital platforms on December 3 and will return to HBO Max sometime next year.

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