Fire eaters and dancers on the occasion of the event

Men dressed as lions at the show

Fire-eating artists, elaborate face painting, and pedestrians on stilts celebrated the second edition of Senegal’s Great Dakar Carnival, which showcases the country’s culture.

The event, which runs from Friday to Sunday, falls on the last weekend of November and coincides with the tourist season in Senegal.

Senegal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in West Africa, but it has been hit hard by the pandemic, according to the African News news site.

The country received 1,376,000 international tourists in 2017, according to the latest World Bank statistics.

One of the festival’s goals is to show the cultural diversity that Senegal offers to viewers around the world.

This year’s Carnival theme is “Tales and Legends of Senegal and Elsewhere”, which is drawn from the country’s oral traditions.

A large parade featuring a vibrant cultural show took place over the course of the weekend.

The show showcases traditional costumes, dances, music or regional rituals

Women dancing in white with beaded cape dresses.  The woman in the middle is dancing and smiling

Diola women wear traditional clothes

The carnival, which was postponed last year due to the pandemic, puts music, dance, theater and costumes at the center of the action, according to Senegalese newspaper Le Quotidien.

One of the main aspects of the festival is the celebration of what the Senegalese people call the spirit of Teranga.

This wolfian word broadly means generosity, hospitality, and warmth.

A man dressed as a lion eats fire

Elaborate costumes are a normal part of the festival

Several government figures are due to attend the opening Friday, including the country’s health minister, city mayor and minister for regional communities.

The carnival plays an important role in preserving the country’s heritage, as well as in the economic development of local communities, according to officials on the event site.

At a press conference in July, the festival was described as an “economic opportunity for participants” by carnival actress Fatou Kassi Sar.

Woman drawing her face.  She is wearing a traditional head dress and has red paint on her eyelids and red paint on her lips

This woman paints her face before the show

The kid who gets his face drawn by another kid.

Carnival is a popular family event

Describing the carnival as a family-friendly event, the organizers are open to any local or international spectator “who would like to access the culture at lower cost or for free”.

Two pedestrians on stilts dressed in colorful clothes with a crowd behind them

Performers at the carnival show their talents

Two men in colorful traditional clothes singing and smiling

These Libo people sing during the show

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