iPhone 13 demand outperforms iPhone 12 in the US

When Apple first announced the iPhone 13 a few months ago, the response was rather lukewarm. Although it features better hardware like an improved chipset, overall it looked like a very minor update at best and there’s nothing particularly exciting about the new phone, especially the upcoming iPhone 12 or even iPhone 11.

However, it seems that despite a very incremental upgrade, Apple’s iPhones still sell like hot cakes. This is according to a survey by Wave7 Research that found that demand for the iPhone 13 actually outperformed the iPhone 12 at launch in the US market.

This means that compared to the launch of the iPhone 12 in 2020, the launch of the iPhone 13 seems to be doing better. The survey indicated that several factors contributed to the success of the phone, such as increased in-store traffic, improved 5G coverage, camera improvements, and also the undivided launch.

The only problem is that due to the lack of global chips, there are delays in the shipments of some models, such as the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. It’s actually interesting that more people are interested in iPhone 13 than iPhone 12 due to the incremental upgrades, but we assume that’s the strength of the Apple brand for you.

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